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Drone Spraying Produces Results | 2023 Season Recap

First off we want to take the time to thank everyone for their support during our first season of offering custom application services via drone! We are so excited to see what 2024 has in store and meet all those involved in our industry new and old faces alike!

During the 2023 season, we were able to cover over 6100 Acres and we understand we did not make it to everyone during this past growing season, that is why we want to offer the option to those who want to guarantee their crops the best spray coverage possible! Email us or use our contact page to get the process started, one of our team members will be in touch and provide you with our contract of services!

We want to give a special shoutout to one of the farmers we had the privilege to custom applicate for during the 2023 growing season! Jim Dauch of Dauch Hog Farms + Grain was able to 324.13 BU/A when combining a Pioneer Agronomy Spray Program and our Precise Drone Spraying Coverage!

Looking Ahead.... We plan to add at least one more spray drone to our fleet to help us be able to provide growers and agricultural cooperatives alike with a precise spraying option! Winter Wheat is in the ground contact us today to provide it with an aerial custom application like no other.

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