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Mapping and Media 

Our Owner has been studying the benefits of mapping in a variety of industries for over 4 years! So we want to further explain the solutions we offer with our existing fleet of drones and how we can help you! 


Ditch and Field Mapping

At its core Mapping has a variety of benefits but one of the most vast sub-niches is using mapping techonlogy for fields and ditches. We can program a linear mapping mission to follow thee except path of the ditch. If you have any questions contact us today! 


Contour Mapping

If you looking to better understand the grade of the soil prior to whatever your plan is with the land involved, give us a call we have the equipment and software needed to give you the piece of mind of knowing the high ground is not so far off! 

Horn-Road-12-8-2023-orthophoto wmk-small.png

Sub Inch Accurate Orthomosiac Maps

With the use of DJI M3E and our RTK Base Station we have the ability to creat sub inch accurate maps or simple 2D Orthomosiac maps like the one shown above! 


3D Modeling

There are a ton of benefits of capturing and rendering out a 3D Model, especially when it comes to infrastructure! If you are looking to see what we can creat for you, contact us!

Otherwise feel free to view a 3D Model we have created for a local school system.


General Aerial Media 

To bring it back to basics we are offering a variety of solutions that only a few aerial images away! Looking to simple image to put a new perspective on things? We can help!!!


Creative Aerial Media 

Sticking to our roots with our sister company 19th Designs we are proud to still offer Creative Aerial Videography and Photography Services 

Questions? Give us a call!

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