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Ag Drone Services

Based in Perkins Township, Ohio which lies within Erie County, Ohio. We proudly offer the sales and services for farmers to get the most out of every acre!  Fully Insured, Certified, and Licensed Pilots are ready to fly !


Drone Custom Application Spraying

When it comes to drone spraying especially in common row crops, we typically run a 2gpa rate which carries a larger percent of product vs carrier... In addition to this, the Drone creates a Air Vortex that allows the Crop Canopy to open up and allow the product to go even deeper then standard application methods.

covercrops-odnr (1).jpg

Drone Custom Application Seeding

If you are looking to apply granular products or seed, we are able to carry up to a 70lb payload of the selected dry product and variable rate apply it with the broadcast spreader system. We have applied a variety of seeds such as: Crinsom Clove, Cereal Rye, Radish / Turnip Mix, Oats, and more!


Field Mapping

Within our fleet we have the ability to produce sub inch accurate maps & models. Some advanced mapping services can include: Stand Counts, Produce Measurements, Crop Health Reports, and more!


General Aerial Imagery

Going back to the root of the drone industry, we are proud to offer traditionial aerial photography and videography. 

Ag Drone Service Inquiry

If you want to fill out this online form or simply contact us and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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