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Updated: Feb 15, 2023

***article sourced from Portableone***

When thinking of drones, many people would easily picture drones used for filming movies and special events. However, with the advancements in technology, drones aren’t only used for such purposes alone anymore.

These days, different industries have already started using drones. Even the most dangerous, as well as high-paying jobs within numerous commercial sectors, have begun utilizing them too. And these small flying devices are now making a huge difference in various fields. Here’s why.


One of the reasons why more and more industries are implementing the use of drones these days is because people now have more access to it than before. Since it was first introduced in the market, drones have become cheaper.

Additionally, buyers now have more payment options. They can pay upfront with cash, with a credit card, etc. It’s easier to purchase a drone these days. Even small business owners in different fields can get them quickly.


Changes in the industry have significantly increased as drones provide more convenience. In the agricultural field alone, for instance, utilizing drones has made many farmers’ tasks a lot easier.

Through this, they were able to eliminate guesswork and reduce uncertainties as drones help in estimating soil conditions. Drones can also shoot seeds in the soil. Probably the coolest part is they can detect field areas inflicted by infections, pests, and weeds, helping them to improve their field’s health and reduce expenses with less effort.

Aside from monitoring plants, drones can also help with livestock management. It can perform counts, find stray or lost farm animals, detect if any of them is sick or injured, and more. All of these can reduce the need for effort on the field while enhancing the information available in managing livestock.


Speaking of animals, aside from livestock, drones can also help experts with animal conservation. Thanks to geospatial imagery, it’s now easier for conservationists from around the world to track and monitor animals without scaring them or causing havoc to their environment.

The best part of it is that it allows the authorities to combat poachers who endanger animals and cause a dramatic impact on the animals all over the world. This is because they can use drones to monitor the area too.

Additionally, it helps experts to study wild animals better even without stepping on their natural habitat to prevent and control diseases that could greatly affect the species’ population or even us humans. They can collect samples and help researchers check on their health easily.

Emergency Response

Drones come in many shapes and sizes. Most of them have the right size that can be used for saving lives, especially in times of disaster.

For firefighters, drones can provide them with thermal imaging that can help them see through thick smoke, allowing them to spot any active fire that’s invisible to the human eye. On top of that, it gives first responders real-time propagation reports and situational analysis.

Drones also offer assistance in responding to tsunamis and earthquakes too. It can assess the situation and quickly scan an area, which helps responders to know how they can act quickly and effectively. Drones can also come with features, such as high-resolution imaging and 3D mapping, which can also detect survivors and even assess the situation.

They can be used to detect tsunamis too with their altimeter, which monitors the ocean surface even from the shore. This allows seismologists to quickly warn the public of tsunamis.

These devices can also assist with transporting medical and other supplies to remote and hard-to-reach areas. They’re made to be strong enough to carry supplies, which helps with making the task easier and safer for both parties, especially during a disease outbreak.


Many industries are also investing in drones as they can help them survey their area too. Just as how drones can be used in monitoring the areas of endangered species, they can also help monitor commercial spaces. Even the military is using smaller drones to survey an area too.

Drones can be equipped with different types of apparatus for surveillance. Through this, you can collect high-quality videos and images at any time of the day, which will help you see if there are any trespassers in your area.

Some drones also come with advanced features that can tell whether a person is carrying any weapon. Others have facial recognition features too.

Weather Forecasting

Drones allow users to follow weather patterns, which helps them with their tasks. Farmers, for instance, can use such data for keeping their crops and fields healthy.

What’s more is that experts are also leveraging new forms of software and hardware that could help users collect data to study climate better and improve the prediction of future changes to weather systems.


It requires an immense amount of labor and expertise to navigate the oceans and ports. This, of course, makes it hard for many merchant ships. But drones can ow help with increasing the amount of maritime data, which makes it easier for ships to navigate the oceans. Hence, the use of drones for maritime ships has increased too.

Aside from that, there are also drones that were made to help control maritime vehicles as they detect emissions and identify offenders.

We often see drones being used for capturing special events and filming movies. However, it’s more than just a device for the screens and it can bring so many benefits to its users. Hence, it is used in numerous fields.

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