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XAG P100 Pro

P100 Pro Overview

The XAG P100 Pro is the most efficient and durable drone, reaching speeds more than 30 mph! This 110 lbs payload drone can carry up to 13.5 gallons of liquid. The P100 Pro can cover around 60 acres an hour with a 2 gallon/acer rate and a pump flow up to 6 gal/min. It can be operated in assisted manual flight or fully autonomous. The P100 Pro can even fly in aeras with no service or RTK.

If you wish to learn more about the XAG P100 Pro visit: Tell Me More About The P100 Pro


Included in this kit is all of the Proper FFA Exemption Paperwork, Training, and Kit to keep you flying all day in the field. Questions contact us!

XAG P100 Pro

SKU: 19thuas-p100pro
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