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What Our Ag Services OFFER!

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

So as you know we offer some pretty precise drone services to a select amount of industries with #agriculture being one of them! While we are proud to be one of the first few to offer spraying via drone with all of the proper paperwork in place we also offer a very beneficial service.... MAPPING

Here are some of the things we can offer you with putting mapping in place!

  • Pre-plant and in-season weed mapping

    • Precision spraying

  • Post-emergence population analysis

    • Performance versus as planted

    • Planter issue identification

    • Replant decision support

  • Crop Health analysis

    • General health assessment

    • Water stress identification

    • Weather damage assessment

    • Pest damage identification

    • Fungicide decision support

  • Spraying

    • We have all of the proper licenses and certifications in place to spray your crops, produce, and pasture ground with our T30! You can send us an email or go to our contact page for more information.

  • Live mapping

    • Real-time crop health visibility as flying

  • Zone Management

    • Used as another layer to create management zones

  • Point Mission assessment

    • In-depth Crop assessment

  • Field Assessment

    • Grass waterways, ditches, tile blowouts, ect.

If you have any questions about either our Ag Mapping Services or our Spraying/Seeding service, please dont hesitate to reach out!

419-202-7677 |

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