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Waterway Drone Services

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

*Post from Engineers with Drones

Waterways and the structures on them are subject to erosion by running water. It's essential that they are maintained, so they can be used and appreciated for years to come. Drones are an efficient, eco-friendly way to inspect waterways. 19th UAS Precision can inspect waterways and their surroundings, flagging issues with no impact on the environment.

Get a closer look without the hassle, delays or risk Miss nothing When inspecting waterway structures (dams, weirs, locks, culverts, etc.) we view it from all angles. Being able to inspect from above and below, with no climbing equipment or boats, streamlines the process. Damaged structures may be at risk if someone were to climb on it - which is why drones are beneficial. We stay back from all structures to avoid damage while capturing high-quality images. Our drone is equipped with a high-resolution camera, ensuring no detail is lost. A precise inspection ensures all locks, dams, or weirs are in good working order and don't put anyone at risk.

Aerial views show everything that affects waterways Constant running water erodes waterways, so monitoring their banks helps to maintain them. When inspecting waterways (canals, rivers, etc.) an aerial view gives a clearer insight to its condition. Invasive vegetation can worsen erosion, and its growth can be monitored from above. As we use GPS, we follow the exact same path each time, ensuring the information is accurate. Regular record keeping and monitoring keep waterways well maintained, ensuring they can be enjoyed for years to come.

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