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From Dirt to Drones

Bringing a better understanding of soil and the crop you grow!

Soil is alive and well, so we must understand it to grow a better crop.

Using insights gathered from drone soil analysis, farmers and engineers can team up to determine the ideal seed planting patterns, appropriate watering and fertilizing strategies, and more.

Of course, the more precise measurements needed for targeted growth yields may require traditional soil sampling. But multispectral imaging is valuable for producing a scaled map of conditions across large swaths of farmland. With multispectral maps of their fields, farmers can make more informed decisions about where to take soil samples — which helps them understand the full range of soil quality across their property.

Multispectral soil mapping in agriculture can be performed regularly to get a long-term understanding of how crop production is impacting the health of the soil over time. Photogrammetry can also be used to track erosion and plant density in addition to nutrient depletion, giving farmers a valuable weapon in the fight against dangerous topsoil degradation.

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